Against cosmetic animal testing? Get the facts on Procter & Gamble

Procter and Gamble, makes numerous products, including Tide, Dawn, Duracell, Crest, Bounty, Gain, Charmin, Covergirl, to name a few.  Many of us could not imagine going a week without such household staples.  But people who object to animal testing will probably want to avoid them.

Each year, P&G subjects rats, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, and other animals to a wide array of tests, including skin and eye irritancy, and toxicity.  P&G also conducts experiments with nanoparticles and genetic engineering.

The company claims to strongly support alternatives to animal testing, but its spending does not reflect this claim:  in five days, P&G spends more money on advertising than it claims to have spent in 14 on alternatives to painful and lethal experiments.

This is not a matter of consumer safety versus animal welfare.  As IDA points out,

The fact is that more than 600 companies manufacture safe and effective products that are comparable to Procter & Gamble’s without testing them on animals. Companies with smaller budgets than P&G have been able to develop alternatives to animals while showing a true commitment to eliminating animal testing.

Yes, consumer safety is important. However, safety testing need not involve the harming and killing of animals in order to be effective. The truth is that P&G could stop all animal testing today without hindering anyone’s safety.

Alternatives to the use of animals in product testing already exist.

By the way, cosmetic testing is not required by law in the United States.  In fact, the United Kingdom and the European Union, among others, have already banned cosmetic animal testing.  The U.S. is behind in this area, and the first step to correcting that is educating consumers.

These are the facts about Procter and Gamble’s animal testing policies.  How you react to this information is your choice.  You may want to boycott P&G’s products or fire off a polite but firm letter to the company.  Remember, as a consumer in a free market, you have an important influence.

For more info on P&G’s animal testing, visit P&G Kills.  If you are interested in boycotting P&G, a list of its products can be found here, and on the company’s website.

In addition, offers a complete listing of cruelty free products.



12 thoughts on “Against cosmetic animal testing? Get the facts on Procter & Gamble

    • The U.S. is certainly behind in this area. But many American companies are choosing not to test on animals, even though testing is legal. These companies are able to make safe, effective, and profitable products.


  1. i think that animals testing should be illegal i mean there are pleant of other options i mean we coud use dead bodys or stem cells we dont have to use all of these cutie little animals that are helpless i mean its just sad how we tourchure animals like that and yet if a human was to torchure another human that person would be in jail than after he/her trial be probely killed or stuck in jail for ever i mean the people that are running theses tests should be convicted like everyother huamn that torchures animals ITS JUST NOT RIGHT AT ALL IT SHOULD BE STOPPED FOREVER

  2. All animals have the right to live a good life. That does NOT include being caged, in pain with no meds and having wounds left open so these horrific tests can continue. I have seen sites that show very graphic pictures of how animals are used in testing of products. You would need a very strong stomach to even be able to see these, they are so bad. Boycotting their products may be the only way to show them we are serious, that and writing them a letter asking them to stop such practices. There are other methods of testing that will have the same outcome but not hurt poor innocent animals. It does boil down to pure and plain torture. Does this company have no conscience?
    At some time we have to stop being so concerned over the bottom line and start to CARE about people and animals. I will no longer buy from any company that chooses to hurt animals.

  3. Germany, banned since 1998 animal testing for cosmetics. The EU Cosmetics Directive (2003/15/EC) provides that in two stages from 2009 and 2013 – no cosmetic products tested on animals into the EU.

  4. I have been doing my own personal boycott of P&G products for a long time now ever since the Iams cat food situation. I started checking them out & find out they indiscriminately pollute rivers as well. Saw the video taking dead beagles out of their Iams plant & the horrific things they did to these dogs. Strictly all about the money with no regards to the means to get it.

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  6. This article was 100% PETA Nazi propaganda.The American Medical Association(AMA) surveyed 500,000 active physicians,both members and non-members.97% fully supported the use animals in medical research.

    “Continued research involving animals is essential for the conquest of many unsolved medical problems,such as cancer,AIDS,other infectious diseases,and genetic,developmental,neurological nd psychiatric conditions.” The statement is signed by over 1,000 eminent doctors and scientists,including 31 Nobel prize recipients.It is a good example of commitment of biomedical researchers to the 3 Rs-Refinement,Reduction and Replacement-as the basis for the use of animals in research.

    Feel free to go to for real facts on the need for animal research in medicine.

    • Okay, you’ve made a point about medical research on animals. But the post doesn’t even mention medical research. The subject here is animal testing for cosmetics and other consumer products.

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