30,000 Global Warming Petition debunked

global-warming-petitionHave you ever heard of the 30,000 Global Warming Petition?  It has been repeatedly touted by climate science deniers as proof that the scientific community is divided on the evidence for AGW.  Well, we now have even more solid ground from which to repute petition-waving deniers.

Kevin Grandia of DeSmogBlog points out that, of the 30,000 who have signed the petition, 39 are experts in climatology.  That’s 0.1%.  To be fair, he adds in those who claim to have a background in atmospheric science, concluding that 0.5% of the signers have experience in climate change science.

When I think I’m having chest pains I don’t go to Dermatologist, I go to a Cardiologist because it would be absurd to go to skin doctor for a heart problem. It would be equally absurd to look to a scientist with a background in Medicine (of which there are 3,046 on the petition) for an expert opinion on the science of climate change. With science broken down into very narrow specialties a scientific expert in one specialty does not make that person an automaticauthority in all things science.

The article goes on to explain the dubious beginnings of the petition, including the fact that few of the names can be verified.

When I first heard about the “30,000 scientists” who deny climate change, I have to admit that I was a bit shaken, though somewhat doubtful.  Now, we see that, judging by this petition, the number is less than 200, and even that is largely unverifiable.


4 thoughts on “30,000 Global Warming Petition debunked

  1. I’m glad you wrote this article; more people need to know about this issue.

    Thanks for the link to DeSmogBlog as well. I don’t go there too often (the stories it tells sort of make me lose faith in the human race).

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