Second warmest August on record – despite deepest solar minimum in nearly a century

The NOAA reports:

The world’s ocean surface temperature was the warmest for any August on record, and the warmest on record averaged for any June-August (Northern Hemisphere summer/Southern Hemisphere winter) season according to NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. The preliminary analysis is based on records dating back to 1880.

NCDC scientists also reported that the combined average global land and ocean surface temperature for August was second warmest on record, behind 1998.

An important point here is that this consistent temperature rise is taking place during what NASA has called “the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century.”  More evidence that the sun is not causing global warming.



5 thoughts on “Second warmest August on record – despite deepest solar minimum in nearly a century

  1. Doesn’t air cool faster than water? The air temps are lower than baseline. Water will follow. I believe the deep solar minimum will ultimately cool the planet if it does not kick back into gear soon.

  2. Justwondering, I had the same thought while reading the article. Also I don’t trust NOAA’s temperature reading abilities after hearing they haven’t checked out their land based stations to see if suburbia has built up around them. It had and skewed NOAA’s #’s to the warm side.

    I live in the mid Atlantic region and this summer was definitely colder than normal. It didn’t get hot till the middle of August when normally it starts getting hot in June.

    History proves the correlation between solar minimums and low earth temps. The earth will definitely cool. There’s just a year or so lag time.

    • Justwondering and Blueridge: As far as I know, air does cool faster than water, and I doubt that any temperature readings are 100% accurate. As for the mid-Atlantic region, climate change is usually considered to be a worldwide phenomena, so the weather in a certain area does not prove or disprove that the earth as a whole is warming. (As I’m sure you know, climate and weather are not the same thing.) And there is considerable evidence that, though the sun has influenced temperatures in the past, it is not the cause of current warming. I don’t know what your qualifications are, but unless you are a climatologist, “I believe” or “I think” do not carry a lot of weight without some citations. However, not being scientifically qualified myself, I won’t debate the point with you. I would like to point out that studies have actually shown that 21st-century warming has reversed a 1900-year cooling trend.

  3. David R,

    We all understand that weather is different around the globe. Whilst the Northeast may be cold the upper midwest might be warm. That’s earth keeping herself balanced.

    What I wouldn’t expect though after all this AGW talk for the past decade as well as AL Gores movie is a cool down.

    The Atlantic tropical cyclone activity was non- existent this past year. Al said it would increase.

    I wouldn’t expect the antarctic ice melt to have slowed to the lowest point in 50 years.

    The arctic ice melt has been growing for the past 2 years and now second year ice is growing too?

    We had snow in weird places this past year like Malibu, Saudi Arabia, southern Iraq, UAE, some of these places didn’t even have a name for the white stuff.

    There is mounting evidence that the IPCC has fabricated long term temperature graphs (ex. famous hockey stick graph used in Al gores movie with great effect).

    as well as other information supporting their position ex.just recently, Yamal tree rings .

    The sun’s activity is at recford low levels and many astrophysisists are linking cooler earth temps with low solar activity.

    Take all this information both scientific and everyday living observations and add that to the lack of debate between scientists and one can only conclude that Global Warming is over and it is NOT man made.

    Why scientists and once reputable organizations would sacrifice their good-will for political gain is a whole other topic.

    • There are definitely variations in temperature, because greenhouse gases are not the only factor. For instance, in 1998 an abnormally strong El Nino caused higher surface temperatures. The last few years have seen moderate El Nino conditions, which had a cooling effect. And El Nino conditions in the last few months have corresponded with record and near-record temperatures. But averaged temperatures over longer periods still show an upward trend.

      While the “hockey stick” graph did have some errors, its importance may have been overemphasized. In any case, a number of studies using data from a variety of sources have been published since 1998, when the hockey stick was first released. They all show similar, though less dramatic, trends. (See also the graph on this page.)

      There is probably some disagreement over how fast climate change is happening and how dramatic the effects would be. But it seems somewhat unreasonable to say that the earth is no longer warming.

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