The “Last Flat-Earther” is Going to Copenhagen

Senator James Inhofe (R-OIL), who the Washington Post called “the last flat-earther,” has announced that he plans to attend the Copenhagen climate talks next month.  Why?  According to Ada Evening News,

Inhofe said he still intends to attend the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference.

“I’m always the spoiler at this thing. Last night I was on the Larry Kudlow show. He said, ‘Inhofe is the one-man truth squad going to Copenhagen.’ So when Barbara Boxer, John Kerry and all the left get up there and say, ‘Yes. We’re going to pass a global warming bill,’ I will be able to stand up and say, ‘No, it’s over. Get a life. You lost. I won,’ ” Inhofe said.

Recently, Inhofe led the GOP boycott of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s markup of the climate bill.  They said they were waiting for an extensive EPA analysis, which the EPA itself has called unnecessary.  Computer models like the ones run for the House bill are, according to the EPA’s David McIntosh, “not designed to detect fine-grain details.”  Another analysis right now would result in “vanishingly small” differences.  BTW, it costs at least $135,000 each times the models are re-run.  How’s that for fiscal responsibility?

Of course, the real reason for boycotting the markup was to delay the bill’s progress.  As Senator Inhofe explained, “What we did was I told all of the Republicans not to go so they couldn’t have an official mark-up.

Ironically, he secured more than a million dollars in water-related projects for Ada, Oklahoma, a city that could easily be caught in a drought if climate change continues unchecked.

Not all Republicans are as outspoken against a livable climate.  Most notable is Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who actually supports the climate bill, but other GOP members are cool with clean energy even if a carbon market makes them uncomfortable.

So what’s with the EPW folks?

Perhaps it has something to do with the $3,507,321the seven minority members of the EPW Committee have received from Big Oil, along with millions more from utilities, mining and the national resource sector. This is in addition to the billions Big Oil has spent on lobbying, astroturfing and smear campaigns. Exxon Mobil alone spent $7.2 million on lobbying in the last quarter – more than the total of the entire alternative energy sector.

oil/gas utilities mining nat resources sector
Inhofe $     1,223,723 $     437,967 $        197,850 $            2,045,140
Alexander $        400,375 $               663,000
Voinovich $        360,329 $     570,726 $        260,799 $            1,000,000
Vitter $        659,635 $     165,665 $               974,000
Barrasso $        169,250 $         63,650 $               391,700
Crapo $        247,699 $     278,441 $               784,136
Bond $        446,310 $     313,165 $            1,013,063
GOP total $    3,507,321 $ 1,765,964 $       522,299 $           6,871,039

(Climate Progress)

Most of those guys voiced their intents to kill the climate bill before it had even been introduced.

Now let me make on thing clear: I’m not attacking Republicans in general.  There’s nothing wrong with being cautious about major changes, but our current path is obviously not working, and to constantly say “NO” without giving a viable alternative doesn’t help anything.

Regardless of political stances, the public needs to know that politicians who oppose clean energy are on the payrolls of dirty energy companies.

Or maybe I should quit blogging and become a lobbyist.  They seem to have more impact.


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