Twitter’s new eco-friendly HQ

I’m a big fan of stylish green design, so when I noticed that Twitter’s new headquarters in San Francisco was getting attention in both the green scene and the design world, I thought the Green Lens should zoom in on it.

The office space was designed by Sara Morishige Williams.  Her focus was on fun and sustainability: “I wanted to bring the outdoors in, while making the space playful yet useful and sustainable.”  The space uses non-VOC paint, non-toxic furniture, and eco-friendly decorations.  Most of the decor consists of used objects that have been refurbished or reinvented.

Inhabitat has a good summary:

Visitors to the space are greeted by a sign featuring the well-known Twitter logo made from reclaimed barnwood and hot rolled steel fabricated by Lundberg Design and can see the flittering bird motif that runs throughout the office. Inside the conference room is a long concrete table designed by Sara in collaboration with Mark Rogero with Concreteworks, composed of 40% fly ash and 100% recycled aggregates. The base of the table and the receptionists’ desks are made from reclaimed barnwood too. Tree hooks in the lobby were made by John and Live Wire Farm. The couches are custom copies of famous designs from a store called Furniture Envy and the Chiquita stools, by Kenneth Cobonpue, have tops made from natural rattan poles. Last but certainly not least, the in-house DJ booth, which was actually left over by the previous inhabitants, is completely envy-inducing.

The above article, as well as Michelle Kaufmann’s blog and the design blog Abduzeedo, have more info and photos.


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