Do Americans support climate legislation?

While the effort to pass a meaningful climate bill is often presented as an uphill battle, new polls by George Mason University show that the situation in Congress does not reflect public opinion.

According to the reports (read them here), 65 percent of American adults think the U.S. should reduce emissions regardless of what other countries do.  When it comes to specific policies, 77 percent support CO2 regulation, while 61 percent think utilities should produce a fifth of their energy renewably, even if this increases electricity bills.  Overall, most Americans feel the environment should be protected, even at the expense of economic growth, but a smaller majority believe that protecting the environment improves economic growth.

Judging by these numbers, the Senators obstructing the climate bill are not representing the public’s interests.  Whose interests are they representing, then?  A quick look at lobbying stats gives you the answer.

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