Prop 23 is Officially Dead – CA Voters Defeat Big Oil

If you watched the election last night, you know that Republicans swept the House, effectively cancelling the clean energy agenda for the time being. But in California, voters soundly defeated Proposition 23.

From Climate Progress:

California is the only place in the country where climate and clean energy activists aggressively pushed their message across the board in the face of strong, well-funded opposition by Big Oil….

Proposition 23 — “the first and largest public referendum in history on clean energy policy” — brought together an amazing bipartisan coalition to beat back Texas oil companies’ effort to kill California’s landmark climate bill, AB32.

If you aren’t up-to-date on your referendums, you can read the background on Prop 23 here.

We should not overlook the importance of the Prop 23 results, as they are a historic victory for voters over Big Oil. More of my thoughts on the election later (because I know the Internet is just dying to hear them ^_^).



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