Green Indie Products of the Month: Upcycled Clothing, Watercolor Art, and Nature Prisms

This is the first in a new series of monthly posts featuring sustainable and independent brands from around the web. If you want to see your favorite indie seller on the Green Lens, get in touch via the contact page or @thegreenlens.

Upcycled Clothing and Luggage by BrightWall Studios







BrightWall owner Erik Taylor of Michigan revives vintage shirts, coats, vests, and suitcases with simple, hand-printed graphics. In his words,

I really enjoy giving new life to old things. It always bums me out when I go into these huge stores and see all this new stuff everywhere, I just always felt we had enough already.

For that thinking, he deserves more green cred than a lot of clothing companies that brand themselves as sustainable.




Prisms and Art Prints by The Wild Unknown

“Inspired by summers spent in the Catskill Mountains and on the shores of Lake Superior,” The Wild Unknown is a line of unique handcrafted pieces by Brooklyn-based artisans Kim Krans, Jonny Ollsin (Kim’s husband), and Gaynelle Oslund (Kim’s mom). Gaynelle’s one-of-a-kind prisms and Kim’s watercolor prints bring nature inside in a fascinating way.


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