Music Project to Save the Mountains Needs Your Support

Update: As of June 2, the project has reached its funding goal with $5,520. Looks like the music video will get the green light!


Via the Switchboard:

New York based “metrobilly” band 2/3 Goat is saving mountains! They’ve made the fight to end mountaintop removal their official cause. Band member Annalyse McCoy hails from eastern Kentucky and knows whereof she speaks. And as they tour around the country, 2/3 Goat is spreading the word about what mountaintop removal is doing to Appalachia. They’ve even recorded a truly beautiful song, “Stream of Conscience,” on the theme.

The band is already part of NRDC’s Music Saves the Moutains, and now they plan to work with the production company Visualanties to record a music video/short film for “Stream of Conscience.” They’re funding the project through Kickstarter, which means they can’t produce the video without your support. (If you’re new to Kickstarter, you can get up-to-date here.)


As I write this, 2/3 Goat is only a few hundred dollars away from their goal of $5,500–and, remember, the project won’t go through unless that goal is reached. You can help by pledging anything; $1 is the minimum, but $20 gets you a music vid DVD and a copy of the album Up the Mountain. Pledge $1000 and the band will actually play a private show for you!

This is great example of the creativity in the modern environmental/social justice movement, as well as the cultural role than innovative businesses like Kickstarter play. Whether or not you have the extra cash to help fund the project, keep an eye on 2/3 Goat as they echo the voices of Appalachia throughout the nation.

Visit the 2/3 Goat music video page on Kickstarter here.



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