The Author

I’ve been in contact with nature from a very young age. You could say I was a tree hugger before I knew about environmentalism as a social movement. As I learned more about the issues facing the earth and its abundant life, I wanted to do something that could speak to the world. So I started Through a Green Lens in 2009, publishing green tips and environmental news. Since then the site has evolved to cover the threads of the green movement in mainstream society.

Green isn’t just planting a tree or driving a Prius, and it’s not just about saving the earth/whales/polar bears (though all that’s cool). Green is a philosophy for tomorrow. A way of looking at the world.

“Through a green lens” is how I see the world, and this site is where I share that perspective.

The Idea

What is green culture?

It’s an artist sculpting trash into something beautiful. It’s a new building design that lives and breathes. A disaster that takes a nation’s breath away. A scientist who isn’t afraid to raise the alarm. A musician campaigning for animal rights. A band of activists defending their community. An old corporation making a big change and an indie startup making a big difference.

It’s a kid with a hope and a grandmother with a dream.

In short, it’s the voice for the future in your life and your world.

Get involved: Go here to subscribe to the Green Lens feed with your reader of choice. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. You can also connect with the Green Lens on Twitter: @thegreenlens.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Great Blog.
    I am a co-founder of PineMark.com. We are an environmental start-up. PineMark is a green lifestyle certification. We incentivize individuals to reduce their ecological impact while rewarding those who commit to sustainable living.

    We would love your feedback on our site and company.

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